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Suriano Giancarlo - Give it a try! ... Enjoy life!

Craftsman by choice, Calabrian by nature

In 1996, he tried to transform the raw materials around him (in the literal sense of the word) using traditional methods, as he had seen his mother and the women of the village do on several occasions in a small laboratory, which over time has transformed into a large factory, it has been able to enclose in a jar the most traditional Calabrian gastronomic culture made of unique and inimitable flavors and aromas. In addition to the raw material of excellence, the secret of Giancarlo Suriano lies in the use of state-of-the-art technology which, thanks to controlled processes, makes it possible to dispense with chemistry and obtain an artisanal end product that surprises with its authenticity and taste. Suriano manages to make chili sauce without added salt and without vinegar with a very long shelf life without any additives.

All her sauces and preparations are absolutely natural, she does not use acidity correctors and above all they contain only peppers grown in Calabria. The latter, compared to the best known abroad, are even more expensive but are guaranteed from a sanitary point of view.

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